GIGABYTE Triton 180 Case

Exterior Overview

Made from light weight aluminum, the mid-tower Triton 180 comes in either silver or, as with our unit, black finishes.  The front of the case is outfitted with a nice collection of USB, FireWire and Audio ports for connecting external components.  There are two USB ports and one FireWire port for connecting Flash Drives, Digital Cameras, external hard drives or any other item that may need frequent connection and removal.  There were also a Headphone and Microphone ports, that support both HD Audio and AC97 headers.

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The Triton 180 comes with a ton of room for storage components.  The case is layed out for maximum drive capacity, offering five external 5.25" drive bays, two external 3.5" drive bays and an additional three side mounted 3.5" internal drive bays.  It's hard to think that the average consumer would fill all 10 drive bays, but if needed, the Triton 180 has more than enough room to support a multitude of storage options.

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The front bezel is removable for installing drives, although the clips were very tight.  With many cases, the front bezel pops off with a little tug, but the Triton 180 is designed to be released by taking off both side panels first and physically releasing each of fours clips by hand.  This is less than ideal in our opinion since many cases come with easily removable bezels that require a simple tug.  This is even more of a factor since the Triton 180 comes with a filter that requires the bezel's removal to access and clean.  The removeable filter is washable, much like what is found in a window-style air conditioner. 

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The rear of the case comes with an I/O shield, which seems unnecessary since every aftermarket motherboard will come with a custom fitted shield of its own.  Both side panels are removable with two thumbscrews each; the PSU is mounted with four screws included in the kit.  The bottom of the chassis comes with four rubber lined feet that absorb vibration and keeps the case from sliding on smooth surfaces.

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