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Overclocking the Gigabyte 7950 GT


Overclocking the Gigabyte 7950 GT
Hit the nitrous and enjoy the ride...

The default core and memory clock speeds for the Gigabyte 7950 GT are 550MHz and 700MHz (1.4GHz effective), respectively. We installed CoolBits and began bumping up the clocks. We tested for stability along the way and finally settled on 610MHz for the core and 800MHz (1.6GHz effective) for the memory, overclocks of 11% and 14%, respectively. That's the kind of headroom we like to see. As always, don't expect every Gigabyte 7950 GT to overclock the same. Your mileage will vary, and overclocking can void your warranty.

With the cranked up clocks, we put the GB's GeForce 7950 GT back through the ringer for some more testing. It remained stable and put up some solid numbers.

The overclocked Gigabyte GeForce 7950GT took on all mid-range cards with ease in these tests and even began to approach the performance of a significantly more expensive Radeon X1900 XTX.

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