Evolve Gameplay And Performance Review: A Humans Vs. Monsters Hunt


It was being hunted... The monster had been avoiding a team of four hunters ever since it saw them jump out of the spaceship. But by the time the hunters’ feet had touched the ground, the monster was already distancing itself, jumping over large boulders and running through trees in order to get away from the human threat. Along the way, it would slay any of the indigenous wildlife in its path, to devour, in order to evolve and become stronger.

Time passed, as the monster played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the four hunters, while continuing to feed. Now, it felt strong enough to take on its pursuers. But before it could take the fight to them, a blue dome came down around it, trapping it in a small area while four hunters stepped into the monster's field of view.

Evolve 1

With a roar of defiance, the monster charges into a hail of bullets, determined to wipe out the group of hunters. But who is really trapped in that shimmering, blue dome?

Will you play as the monster or be the hunter? - Find Evolve On Amazon

That is how you are going to feel when playing Evolve, a 4v1 multiplayer game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by 2K Games. It pits a player-controlled monster against four other players that assume the role of hunters tasked with tracking the monster down and killing it -- preferably before the monster becomes too strong and kills all of the hunters or destroys a power relay station.

The game has taken its developer about four years to finish and, during that time, it has been able to remain in the public’s consciousness. But not always for positive reasons. Turtle Rock was acquired by 2K Games in an auction when THQ went bankrupt and, before any images or footage of the game were released, its DLC was being promoted. In fact, it has been the massive amount of day one DLC available that has caused some backlash against the game leading up to its release.

But glossing over that particular issue, has Evolve been worth the wait? That is what we are here to find out. Suit-up, this could get messy.

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