EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified Motherboard

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The EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified is one hell of a motherboard. It is the most refined, most feature packed, and most overclockable X58 motherboard we've seen to date.  Frankly, it will be a tall order for a better X58 motherboard to be released in the lifespan of the chipset. It is clean, quiet, and gets the job done.

Of course, with the massive amount of on-board features and connectivity, the price tag goes through the roof. EVGA recently dropped the price on this motherboard from a sky-high $450 to a slightly lower sky-high $425, which is still a huge chunk of change to pay for a motherboard. This puts the X58 Classified roughly on par with the Asus P6T7-WS Supercomputer, which is more or less the only motherboard which can compete in terms of feature-set. While there is no doubt that the X58 Classified is a great motherboard, $400+ is an extremely difficult price tag to swallow. For the vast majority of users, an X58 motherboard in the $250 range will provide similar performance and will have the features most users need.

All that and the kitchen sink...

The X58 Classified motherboard will appeal to extreme overclockers, who want the crème de le crème X58 platform which will give them the least amount of overclocking limitations. This board will certainly give these users what they demand. It will also appeal to those who want massively powerful triple SLI graphics card configurations without any PCI Express bandwidth limitations getting in the way. Finally, it will again appeal to that small group of users who want absolutely everything. The configuration of this board allows for Tri-SLI graphics, along with a dedicated PCI Express x1 audio board, an extra X16 slot (X8 connected), up to 9x internal SATA-II drives and up to 24 GB of memory - which is an awful lot of potential power that can be loaded up on any motherboard solution.

Outside of the price tag, we honestly have nothing but good things to say about the board. Its target of being a fully feature-packed, highly overclockable board for enthusiasts rings true in every regard. They don't claim the board is for the budget or mainstream markets.  EVGA is pretty straight forward about this being a high-end board. It's pricey, without a doubt, but if you want everything that the Intel X58 platform has to offer, the EVGA X58 3X SLI Classified will deliver it and then some.

  • Meticulously Clean Board Design
  • Effective Passive (Quiet) Cooling
  • Extremely Overclockable
  • Quad PCI Express x16 2.0 Slots
  • Pricey at $400+
  • May Not Fit In Smaller ATX Cases
  • Increased Power Consumption
  • Did we mention that it's pricey?

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