EMTEC Speedin X600 External SSD Review: Affordable, Portable Storage

Test System And SiSoft SANRA

Our Test Methodologies: Under each test condition, the USB drive was plugged into a native USB 3 port on the motherboard, with the benchmarks running from the boot drive. Our testbed's PC was fully up to date with the latest BIOS available as of press time, AHCI (or RAID) mode was enabled, and Windows 10 was fully up to date as well.

The SSD was secure erased prior to testing, and left blank without partitions for some tests. We should note, however, that dome tests, such as AS SSD and PCMark 8, would not run on the EMTEC drive. The people at Futuremark said that PCMark 8 runs close to the metal is not compatible with many USB drives.

A clean Windows installation was used with all unnecessary services and apps terminated. The firewall, automatic updates and screen savers were all disabled before testing. In all test runs, we rebooted the system, ensured all temp and prefetch data was purged, and waited several minutes for drive activity to settle and for the system to reach an idle state before invoking a test.

Test System Configuration
Specifications & Features

Processor -
Motherboard -

Video Card -
Memory -
Audio -
Storage -

Hardware Used:
Intel Core i7-4770K
Gigabyte Z97
(Z97 Chipset, AHCI Enabled)
ASUS Strix GTX 970
16GB Corsair DDR3
SoundBlaster Audigy 2
Intel SSD 750 (480GB) (OS Drive)

OS -
Chipset Drivers -
DirectX -
Video Drivers -

Benchmarks -

Relevant Software:
Windows 10 Pro x64
Intel 10.0.26, iRST
DirectX 12
Nvidia 368.39

HD Tune v5.50
ATTO v2.47
CrystalDiskMark v3.0.3 x64
SiSoftware Sandra 2015

Synthetic Transfer Tests

First up, we have some numbers with SiSoft SANDRA 2015, the the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. Here, we used the Physical Disk test suite and provide the results from our comparison SSDs. The benchmarks were run on unformatted drives and read and write performance metrics are detailed below.


As the numbers show, the Speedin' USB SSD is much more on par with the Corsair thumb drive than the higher-end drives, which is to be expected. The USB interface can't compete with SATA III or USB 3-C.

Please note, the Samsung T3 is a USB-attached device. And so is the Corsair Voyager GT. The other drives are attached via the SATA interface.

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