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The Elsa Gloria II Quadro SDR
Professional Graphic Solutions for High-End 3D Applications

 May 26, 2000 - By John "Tool" Fiegener

Head-to-Head Versus The Competition
The Gloria II Rules

SPEC Solidworks Benchmark 98

I chose to run only the graphics portion of the Spec Solidworks Benchmark to eliminate any performance variables based on the CPU.

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The Gloria II clearly dominates on the Solidworks test as well as out performing the GVX1 and the GMX easily. I have yet to see an impact from the GMX that would justify the additional cost. When you look at GVX1, the GMX pails in comparison, especially when you add in the cost factor. The Gloria II excels at shaded display and rotation. If you're like me and shaded rotation is key, then the Gloria II is the card of choice. I noticed flawless rotation even at the highest detail setting in Solidworks and a shade level of 10 in Pro/E. The Gloria II has yet to meet its match.



SPEC Viewperf 6.1

SPEC's Viewperf is a series of tests using segments of the actual application. The test performs sub routines of each application then calculates a benchmark based on the performance of the CPU, video card and the weight of the individual test. The four test perfomed are DesignReview Viewset (DRV-06,  Data Explorer (DX-05), Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-03), Lightscape-03 and Pro/CDRS.

Here are the results...


Once again the Gloria II was clearly superior, especially in the Awadvs (Visualizer) test. The Gloria II was almost 50 percent faster than the GVX1 in the Pro/CDRS category, which is good news to me as this is an application I favor. It is clear that the Gloria II benefits from the ability to process 50 Gflops compared to the meager 3 of the GVX1 and GMX 2000. Even with 96 Megs of memory, the GMX performs badly compared to the Goria II or GVX1.


The Quadro is an amazing breath of fresh air to the professional video card circuit. To see a card appear from the gaming market that clearly has shaken the big "professional card vendors" can only be better for the industry. Elsa's Gloria II is and outstanding card for MCAD applications and delivers the greatest performance for the dollar. It would be interesting to see how the Quadro compares to the GeForce DDR with 64 megs. If that GeForce can perform at 75% the capacity of the Quadro for 1/3 the price than there really would be no line between the professional video cards and gaming cards.

The Elsa Gloria II Quadro is a dynamite addition to the professional video card market. It will be interesting to see the flow of new products from the established vendors in this arena to compete with Quadro. The Quadro deserves a stellar 9 on the heat meter only shy from a perfect score because I could see little difference between the Quadro and the GeForce DDR 64 except the price.

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John "Tool" Fiegener

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