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The Elsa Gloria II Quadro SDR
Professional Graphic Solutions for High-End 3D Applications

 May 26, 2000 - By John "Tool" Fiegener


Installation / Setup With the Elsa Gloria II Quadro
Care free driver installation
I have had Elsa products in the past and set up is usually one  of the easiest that I have performed. The Quadro was no exception.  I inserted the card and placed the CD in and the setup does all the work. The drivers loaded and the machine rebooted with out hesitation or the request for the NT disc. Elsa drivers are clean and hassle free. At start up Elsa places a small icon for easy access to the display setup for customization. Here's a look at the Elsa display settings.


The 350 MHz RAMDAC support display resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels at 85 Hz in 3D TrueColor. This is one of the nicest resolutions that I have seen. Although at 2048 x 1536 pixels it feels like you need magnifying glass to see the desktop. I usually use a setting of 1280 x 1024, true color on my 21" monitors and that seems pretty comfortable.


The color control tab allows the user to adjust and save the gamma settings. I generally stuck with the default settings.

This is the Elsa application setting tab. If you're running Pro/E or Solidworks you may want to investigate some the settings that are optimized for the different applications. I saw little difference in testing when I set the application settings to either Pro/E or Solidworks. I actually felt that the default setting seemed to perform the best.

This is the Elsa Info tab. I actually find this to be a nice addition that eliminates the need for a separate CPU info utility such as WCPUID. This tab gives all the states on the CPU, Graphics and Direct X. Direct X is unsupported in Windows NT put is supported in Windows 2000 Workstation.

Lets get down to the Benchmarks


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