DJI Mavic Air Drone Review: A Compact, Powerful Eye In The Sky

DJI Mavic Air - Our Summary And Conclusion

After including the Mavic Air in my travel bag for the past month or so, I can honestly say that I consider it the most versatile piece of photography equipment I carry. The capability to take stills and video from angles unobtainable with a DSLR on a tripod has added a whole new dimension of creativity to the media I’ve captured.

While there are a few improvements I’d like to see in future models, such as a quieter propeller system and higher capacity flight batteries, these are mere convenience factors and not deal breakers. The truth is, the DJI Mavic Air is a great product, that's simply in a different class versus its competition, both in terms of flight and output media quality. By combining its state of the art gimbal design with a well polished aircraft, DJI has produced a killer drone that leaves little to be desired. We should also note that the first Mavic Air we received had a minor issue with its processor cooling fan, but DJI quickly corrected the issue. And after scrolling through the DJI forums, it was easy to see this is par for the course with DJI and that the company stands behind their drones and offers good support to their customers.

With that being said, I was very satisfied with the Mavic Air, DJI, and the experience of flying the Mavic Air over the past few weeks. If you haven’t had the chance to see a DJI product in person, you should really try to check one out and gets some hands-on time. These aircrafts have come along way from the original Parrot drone and can be powerful tools for any photographer or videographer.

hot not
  • Redesigned three axis gimbal
  • Folding arm platform rocks
  • Seven on board sensing cameras
  • DJI Go 4 App is solid
  • New quickshot modes
  • No LCD display on controller
  • Expensive spare batteries
  • Limited range flying around interference

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