DFI's CS60EC i815EP Motherboard

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DFI's CS60-EC i815EP Motherboard
A little less is more...

By Jeff Bouton
March 22, 2001


Processor Performance Continued
CC Winstone, Quake 3, & Sandra 2001SE...

The next test is Content Creation Winstone.  For a comparison, we pitted the DFI CS60-EC against a similar board from Abit, the SA6R which we reviewed here.

Content Creation

Well it?s a tight race but the DFI held up pretty well.  Let?s see what happens when we push Quake 3 through it?s veins.  Can it beat the Abit SA6R?

Quake 3

Geez folks, you just can't call'em any closer than that!  This board's performance is virtually identical to that of the Abit SA6R.  With a quality video card installed, this board has no trouble gaming!  

Now for the final round...Sandra 2001SE...

SiSoft Sandra 2001SE

   CPU@933MHz                                  CPU@1.08GHz 

MM@933MHz                                  MM@1.08GHz 

Mem@933MHz                                  Mem@1.08GHz 


The overall CPU and Multimedia performance was excellent.  When we over clocked the CPU to 1.08GHz, some of the scores bested the 1.2GHz P4.  Using quality CAS2 RAM from Mushkin, we hit excellent memory timings in both 133MHz and 144MHz bus speeds.  Our hard drive benchmarks were respectable as well.


The bottom line is that DFI has come up with a quality product.  With better than average benchmarks, the CS60-EC has proven to be both a solid performer and a good value.  It was a little disappointing to find that certain BIOS functions were not available with this board, yet it still proved to be over-clock friendly.  DFI offers excellent utilities like Hardware Doctor for monitoring system fan speeds, voltages and temperature as well as Over-clock Cruise that allows easy on-the-fly adjustment of the system bus speed.  The Sandra benchmarks were excellent and rivaled a P4 1.2GHz at times.  We feel that the CS60-EC handled the barrage of tests we threw at it with great results and give the DFI CS60-EC a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of?


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