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Corsair’s VX450W is a very solid mid-range power supply. We’re exceptionally pleased with its low-noise attributes, long sleeved cabling, and overall high-efficiency performance. As I write this, the VX450W is churning along, handling an overclocked quad-core Q6600 processor, along with a GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card and a couple of high-end hard drives, and is perfectly happy doing so. Most would think such hardware would require a 600W+ PSU to run properly, but that’s simply not the case. Corsair’s latest generation of power supplies handle such a task without sweating.

Corsair power supplies typically carry a price premium compared to similar wattage unit. While we would definitely say that Corsair’s units are of a higher quality in comparison to most other similar wattage power supplies, there are certainly exceptions. The VX450W is eerily similar to SeaSonic’s S12 II unit, which may run a few dollars less than the Corsair unit but will likely deliver similar performance and features. Of course, Corsair has a solid five year warranty to back up their unit, whereas SeaSonic has only three. We still feel that Corsair’s final product is much nicer than other 450W units we’ve tested over the years.

We would have preferred if Corsair had kept or refined the modular cable system they introduced for the HX-series for the VX-series, but there’s only so much we can ask for when they’re targeting the low-end / mid-range system buying marketplace. Some users also might find the lack of a secondary PCI Express power connector limiting if they want to add multiple graphics cards into the mix. It also would have been nice to see an 8-pin PCI Express connector for newer high-end cards, but given how infrequently this connector is used, it’s not surprising to see it missing at this point in time.

All in all, Corsair has a very solid product on their hands.  Success will likely be driven by pricing - as of now, the VX450W unit can be had for about $69.  That makes the unit about $20 more expensive than generic 450W power supplies that have an approximate 70% efficiency rating.  The generic units won't feature as robust a 12v rail either.  Considering the Corsair unit will cost just a few dollars more, and it's quiet, efficient, and backed by a solid warranty, it's definitely a smart buy.

  • Ultra Low Noise - Basically Inaudible
  • Long Cables For Large Cases
  • Very Efficient Design
  • Non-Modular Cable System
  • Only One PCI Express Power Connector

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