Corsair Ice T30 Memory Cooler Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Ice T30 performed very well in our thermal tests and provided a boost in overclocking performance. We measured a 20'C difference in temperature when comparing the stock heatsinks to the TEC cooler. In turn, the lower temps allowed us to reach 1829MHz which was 50MHz higher than our air cooled result. While not a gigantic increase, the improvement shows the advantage of lower memory temps and potential to achieve higher overclocks with cooling solutions such as the Ice T30. 


Currently, the Corsair Ice T30 is the most expensive memory cooling system on the market. Memory fan kits can be found for less than $20 and a handful of memory waterblocks are being sold for about $100. But considering the components used and the relative complexity of the device, it is not a surprise that the T30 demands a high price tag. At $200 though, you should definitely weigh the benefits of adding this product to your system. If you have a 1333MHz or 1600MHz memory kit that doesn't overclock as well as you'd like, it may be advisable to purchase a faster kit instead of relying on better cooling to gain additional performance. On the other hand, Dominator GT owners with 1866MHz or 2000MHz kits could make use of the T30's capabilities to hit high speeds that air cooling simply can't support.

The T30 is a great looking product that will enhance the memory performance and cooling of a properly equipped high end system. If you're on a budget, its not for you. But if you're looking for ways to raise your benchmark scores at any cost, Ice T30 may be just what the doctor ordered. From a convenience point of view, we really wished the 3/8" barbs were removable in order to use other tubing sizes without relying on adapters. Also, we think the cooler should be a little bit larger in order to support six DIMMs for users who own two triple channel kits. And as is the case with all tools designed for overclockers, your mileage will likely vary performance-wise, but enthusiasts looking to squeeze every last drop of performance from their Dominator memory kit may want to consider Corsair's Ice T30 TEC Cooler.  

  • First subambient memory cooler
  • Provides overclocking headroom
  • Drastically lowers memory temps
  • Self adjusting controller
  • Condensation monitor


  • Expensive
  • Fixed 3/8" barbs
  • Only supports three sticks


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