Core i7 Extreme Overclocking with LN2

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SuperPi and wPrime

SuperPI Mod 1.5 is a single threaded, overclocking benchmark that calculates Pi to a specific number of digits after the decimal point. It is used by many overclockers to test performance and stability of their systems.

SuperPI Mod 1.5
1M Calculation

SuperPI at 5GHz feels rather snappy...

                               Lower Times + Higher Performance

With the Core i7 975 clocked to 5GHz, we finished SuperPI 1M in an impressive 8.235 seconds. That's a full 4 seconds faster than our stock clocked 975 ran and a 50% speed increase.

wPrime v2.00
Multi-threaded Benchmark

The CPU benchmarking application, wPrime, is designed to use a highly multithreaded approach to calculating the square roots of large amounts of numbers. It places a 100% load on the CPU while in use. 

wPrime at 4.9GHz (click image for high res)

The great thing about wPrime is the fact that it makes use of all 8 threads the Core i7 offers. With the 975 at 4.92GHz, we finished the 32M calculation at a blazing 5.029 seconds.

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