CherryPad 7-Inch Android Tablet Video Review

CherryPad 7-Inch Android Tablet Video Review

Tablets, tablets and more tablets.  If we were asked to pick only one HOT product category this holiday shopping season, there wouldn't be even a nanosecond of hesitation before we offered the words tablet PCs.  Tablet PCs may not be a new product category or idea but they certainly have come of age and 2011 is shaping up now to be the year of the tablet.  Apple made a big splash with the iPad earlier this year and Q4 is starting to look like it will bring a veritable tidal wave of Android and Windows 7-based devices competing for shopping carriage space versus Apple's new 10-inch darling slate computer.  The good news is, all of this competition is bound to mean lower prices at retail.  Fittingly, a small company out of Paola Alto, CA no less -- Cherrypal, made headlines recently with the announcement of their dirt-cheap $188 CherryPad tablet.

The CherryPad is a 7-inch slate that comes preloaded with the Android 2.1 (aka Eclair) operating system and is driven by an 800MHz ARM11-based processor by Samsung, backed by a meager 256MB of DDR2 system memory.  The device is also based on a resistive touch display, so it takes a bit of getting use to, if you've been working with devices like the iPhone or similar, where capacitive touch displays are ubiquitous.  Journey on here with us in this quick-take video review of the CherryPad.  Just what does $188 buy you in an Android tablet?  You're about to find out.

CherryPad Gallery - Click images for full res.

CherryPad America C515 Android Tablet Specifications
Samsung Arm11 and Android 2.1 Powered
Height 5.19 inch (13.2 cm)
Width 0.49 inch (1.25 cm)
Length 7.95 inch (20.2 cm)
Weight 1.15 lbs (0.52 kg)
Processor Telechips ARM11 800 MHz (CPU + GPU + DSP) system-on-chip
Graphics accelerator OpenGL 2.0
Firmware: 0.90 Eclair (optimized for smooth scrolling and power management)
Operating environment: Android 2.1 (over the air apgrade to 2.2 scheduled for end of 2010)
  access to Android Market
Factory language setting: English (United States)
Other supported languages: English (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore),
  Spanish, Chinese (PRC, Taiwan), Czech, Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium),
  Czech, Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium), French (France, Belgium, Canada,
  Switzerland), German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein),
  Italian (Italy, Switzerland), Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian
Display technology: 7-inch resistive touch screen 800-by-480 pixels resolution
Display navigation: touch of finers (soft touch, firm touch) or stylus
Sensors gravity sensor
Video playback 1080p (HDTV video mode, 1,080 lines of vertical resolution)
Memory 256 MB DDR2
Storage 2 GB NAND Flash (plus 16 GB through Micro SD card)
Wirless (WiFi) 802.11 b/g (n)
Speakers 1 high quality stereo speaker
Microphone built in microphone
Audio 3.5mm headphone jack
Card reader: Micro SD reader (supports up to 16 GB)
Battery: 3200 MAh rechargable lithium-polymer battery (6 to 8 hours run time)

In short, the CherryPad falls down a bit where Cherrypal decided to cut corners from a cost perspective.  The device needs another 256MB of RAM (for 512MB total) and a higher quality touch screen (perhaps a 1GHz CPU?) and that would have likely pushed its price to the $250 mark or higher perhaps.  Still, for better overall experience and usability, and heck, toss in a web cam while we're at it, we'd offer that most would gladly pay the upcharge.


  • Dirt cheap
  • Android 2.1, 2.2 update promised
  • Full Android marketplace installed
  • Decent WiFi performance
  • Flimsy thin plastic screen, warping
  • Resistive touch is painfully unresponsive at times
  • Scareen glare and tight viewing angle
  • Needs another 256MB of RAM at least.  Sluggish...

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