CES 2008 Photo Report

Corsair and Seagate


Corsair had a wide array of products on display in their suite at CES.  Their big product announcement at the show was the release of the 32GB Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB drives, but there were some other interesting products to see as well.  Corsair was happy to show off their Macintosh-compatible memory products, as well as the whole array of Padlock flash drives.  Corsair, however, also showed off a brand new 1-kilowatt power supply they have in the works.  Final pricing and specs aren’t available, but as you can see in the picture, Corsair’s 1KW PSU will have a modular cable design.  When it’s released in the coming weeks, be sure to check back here at HotHardware for the full story.



There was a lot going on in Seagate’s booth on the show floor this year.  In addition to their internal hard drives, Seagate was also showcasing a number of new or conceptual products the company is working on.  One interesting product is the result of collaboration with the folks at Sentry.  The SentrySafe is well, a safe, that can house a hard drive and keep it protected in the event of a disaster.  We were told the SentrySafe could protect the hard drive inside from extreme temperatures, and could even survive hours within a direct flame.

Another interesting product was dubbed D.A.V.E., short for Digital Audio Video Experience.   D.A.V.E. consists of small, wireless storage transceivers that can interface with a base device of some sort (think a PC, a car head unit, etc).  Seagate talked about a myriad of possible usage scenarios for the product, like for example, taking the D.A.V.E. pod from a car directly into your home for easy access to its entire stored media.  You can also see the actual tiny hard drives used in the D.A.V.E. units in one of the pictures above (upper right) – they are members of Seagate’s Lyrion series of drives.

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