CES 2008 Photo Report

Logitech, Thermaltake, Silverstone


Logitech’s big news at CES centered around a trio of hot products, the Squeezebox Duet, the Harmony One, and the diNovo Mini.  The Squeezebox Duet is an evolution of the original Squeezebox that features a new, small receiver and a remote complete with a color LCD.  The original Squeezebox was highly regarded when it was released, so this new model should also garner a bit of attention.

The Harmony One is the latest in Logitech’s line of high-end universal, programmable remote controls.  What separates the Harmony One from its peers is a new color touch-screen and more user friendly layout designed after studying the usage patterns of previous Harmony remotes.  Finally, we have the diNovo Mini.  The diNovo Mini is palm-sized wireless keyboard with an integrated dual-purpose click-pad.  The click-pad can be used like a mouse or as a directional pad to navigate menus and make selections.  The diNovo Mini is sure to find its way into a multitude of HTPC configurations in the not too distant future.



Thermaltake’s booth was loaded with the company’s cooling devices, cases, power supplies and PC accessories.  We spied a couple of high-end gaming rigs in Thermaltake’s booth, including the Quad-CrossFire powered system pictured here.  Also on display were orb-style CPU coolers that featured LEDs that could spell out various PC health data on their fan blades, home theater enclosures, and hard drive enclosures for various sized drives.  One of the more interesting devices was be used as a bay for standard 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives.  Plug the bay into a USB port, and drives can be dropped in like removable cartridges.



Silverstone’s booth was also loaded up with a plethora of power supplies, cases, and accessories.  In addition to Silverstone’s popular Temjin series of cases, the company showed off some models in the Kublai Series and the latest additions to the HTPC-targeted Lascala series as well.  A few high-capacity power supplies were on display too, including the dual-460-watt redundant PSU pictured above.  Silverstone also unveiled the Sabertooth gaming mouse. The Sabertooth has a carbon-fiber shell and a 3200-dpi maximum resolution that can be adjusted on the fly in 100-dpi increments.

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