Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR

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Sample Images

Of course, a camera’s sole purpose is to take pictures, so without further adieu, here are a few sample images taken with the 50D in combination with Canon's EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens and an Extreme III card from SanDisk.



Sample images - click for high res

The camera is fun to shoot with, and the nine auto focus points give you the ability to easily single out a portion of the image on which to focus. The camera’s pop-up flash provided adequate light to illuminate close subjects, as you can see with the grass and pinecone shots. Using a fast shutter speed, I was able to stop action in the photographs of the two boys swimming.  


Even though the 50D supports ISO expansion up to 12,800, you’ll still want to use as low of an ISO setting as possible when taking pictures. As you can see from these test shots, higher ISO settings do cause some noise.

























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