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Additional Protection

If a traditional case isn’t your thing and you want something super slim that will protect your tablet, there are a number of protective films that will do the job well. When you’re using the tablet in the kitchen, consider a stand to protect it from spills and accidents.



From $16.95 on Amazon

BodyGuardz offers screen protectors, full body device skins, cases and other products for many different devices. We had a chance to take a look at the ScreenGuardz HD line which is designed to help reduce glare. In addition to protecting your device’s screen, this ultra-slim PET film is also designed to help reduce fingerprints.

ScreenGuardz HD are custom designed to fit each device perfectly. BodyGuardz offers this line for many different devices. After buying a BodyGuardz product, you’ll have the option to register for the company’s ADVANTAGE Program which is designed to provide low-cost replacements in case you somehow ruin the protector. For the iPad ScreenGuardz HD we tested, the price for a replacement was reduced to $6.95 with shipping & handling included. This program also offers a 20% discount for future purchases.

When you open the package, you'll see the ScreenGuardz HD comes with two thin film protectors – one on each side of the ScreenGuardz HD. Installation of the ScreenGuardz HD was relatively simple and didn't require the use of a liquid like some screen protectors we've seen.  We cleaned our device's screen, removed the first protective film (it's labeled), and then positioned the protector over our tablet's screen.

We then used the enclosed card and screen cleaner cloth to smooth out all air bubbles. After we were satisfied with the results, we went to remove the top or second, protective film. When removing this second film, the ScreenGuardz HD lifted up off of our tablet and a few air bubbles resulted. We were able to remove most of the air bubbles and reapply the ScreenGuardz HD with only a few air bubbles remaining. In terms of fit, you can definitely tell the ScreenGuardz HD is designed specifically for each device since it has the proper cutouts and size.

When applied, you can definitely tell a difference between the device without ScreenGuardz HD and a device with ScreenGuardz HD. The ScreenGuardz HD does exactly what it's designed to do—it significantly reduces glare on the tablet and also works to reduce fingerprints that would otherwise collect on the screen.


The Original Kitchen iPad Rack

From $25.95 on Amazon

Tablets are great for entertainment, playing games, and staying connected with friends, but many of us also use our tablets in the kitchen to look up recipes and watch a video or listen to music while cooking. The Original Kitchen iPad Rack keeps your tablet off the counter and holds it at a comfortable viewing angle while you’re preparing food.

Although its name suggests using it with an iPad, the Original Kitchen iPad Rack works with any tablet, and most can be held in either portrait or landscape mode. The Original Kitchen iPad Rack has a very simple design but in this case, simple is a very good thing.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack comes in two pieces: the L-shaped mounting bracket and a shelf which easily removes and can be stored when not in use. The L-shaped mounting bracket is made of two acrylic pieces that are glued together. The shelf is a single piece of shaped acrylic.

Installation of the Original Kitchen iPad Rack requires three simple screws which are included in the box. We installed the rack in a matter of minutes—the most time consuming part of the installation was debating where in the kitchen to put it! The instructions say you could also use 2-sided tape or Velcro, but that seems a bit more risky to us. Once the mounting bracket is attached to your cabinet, the removable shelf easily snaps into place. 

The shelf has a 1-inch ledge which holds the tablet in place. Because the tablet rests on this shelf, you can use the Original Kitchen iPad Rack along with any case you might already have installed on the tablet. Many of the other kitchen stands and shelves we looked at required the user to remove the case before using the stand, so we appreciate that the Original Kitchen iPad Rack doesn’t require this extra hassle.

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