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A First Look At The ATI Xpert 2000 Pro
ATI?s Entry Level Speedster


ATI Xpert 2000 Pro Installation, Setup and DVD 
Crisp and Clean

Installation of this card was a snap?as it is with most cards if you follow instructions. :-)  When installing a video card, first make sure you?ve completely removed all traces of your last card by uninstalling any old drivers and utilities, and then set your display adapter properties in the Windows Device Manager to "Standard VGA".  Once you re-boot, then install the drivers for your newest card and you should be good to go.

Keep in mind if you?re going to install this, or any other card for that matter, into an extremely high overclocked system with a BX based motherboard that on the higher bus speeds, the AGP bus is running much higher than specification and may cause some incompatibilities/lockups.

The drivers and utilities that come with this card don?t give you the impression that it?s an entry-level card either.  You?ve got a lot of control over quite a few performance and visual enhancing features.  There are also other nice features that I noticed while in device manager.  There are a few diagnostic tests that can be run to ensure that your card is functioning properly.  This is the tab that is available under device manager.


There are also some really useful tools that come with the card.  DVD software, video cd software, a simple video editor and an audio cd player all come on the installation cd.  Their interface is nice and simple too.  Take a look?





As you can see, there?s quite a few goodies that come bundled with this card.


There?s not much to say about ATI?s DVD playback, except that it?s the best you can get on your PC.  ATI?s approach to DVD playback with the Rage Fury Pro GL chipset, serves three main purposes.

1)      Eliminates the need for a separate add in decoder board (Unless you need TV-Out)

2)      Reduces the minimum CPU requirements because decoding is assisted by the video card

3)      Improves the image quality and frame rate over unassisted cards


ATI succeeds at all three of those tasks. DVD playback is fantastic, this is the one feature this card that really impressed me. Here are a couple of screenshots to show you the type of picture quality you can expect. Keep in mind that they are Jpegs, so there is some loss in quality.

(click images for a larger view)

Look! Neo knows Kung Fu!  Hmm, he seems to know pain better though!


"Excuse me but did you know I am a VERY bad man?"

These really don't do the amazing DVD quality of the Xpert 2000 Pro, justice.  Never the less, they give you an idea of the cinematic environment that you will be immersed in with this board.


The acid tests....



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