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A First Look AT The ATI Xpert 2000 Pro
ATI?s Entry Level Speedster

There are many different kinds of 3D accelerators out there, and not every one of them is meant to be the be-all-end-all of gaming.  The sub-$1000 PC market and budget gamer market are HUGE right now.  Within that market you?re not going to find DDR GeForces all over the place, but people will still want decent 3D performance? Enter the ATI Xpert 2000Pro.

The Xpert 2000 Pro is ATI?s answer to cards such as Diamond/S3?s Stealth III S540 Xtreme and cards based on nVidia?s TNT2 M64 chip.  Although none of these cards can be considered top of the heap when comparing gaming performance numbers, they are all respectable. 
ATI?s suggested price point for the Xpert 2000 Pro is $139.  Now, I know what you?re thinking, ?I can grab one of those other cards for less??, but remember once a product ships, and the price wars begin, you?ll see prices below that point, and when you see the feature set of this card you?ll think it?s worth every penny.

Update 2/8/00

The Suggested Retail Price for the ATI Xpert 2000 Pro is now $99

Specifications / Features of The ATI Xpert 2000 Pro
Tight as a drum...

When I first saw this board, I was taken a back for a second.  I?d like to point out that this puppy is tiny.  Take a look...

(click for a closer look)

  • Up to 32mb Memory

  • Rage 128 Pro Graphics EnginE

  • 300mhz Ramdac

  • 32-Bit True Color 3D at Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
    2D up to 1920 x 1200 @ 85hz.

  • Hardware DVD Playback

  • Full DirectX, Direct3D and OpenGl acceleration

  • AGP 2x/4x

  • 8 Million Triangle Setup Engine

  • Twin Cache Architecture

  • Complete Alpha Blending

  • Texture Lighting

  • Single Pass Multi Texturing

  • DirectX Stencil planes

  • DirectX Bump Mapping

  • Bilinear/Trilinear Filtering

  • Line & Edge Anti-aliasing

  • LOD Biasing

That is one small video card.  ATI has chosen to eliminate any unused portions of the board, and only use essential real estate.  Overclockers should welcome this as the smaller the components in your case are, the better (usually).  Smaller components take up less air space, and allow for less restricted air circulation throughout the case. 
Looking at that spec list, the Xpert 2000 Pro is one of the most feature rich cards in it?s price range.  The only notable feature absent is DXTC, which at this point is by no means a requirement.  Also keep in mind that ATI?s hardware DVD acceleration is arguably the best available on the PC right now, outside of purchasing a separate decoder board.


The Big Setup ....


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