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After using the TV Wonder 650 PCIe for roughly three weeks to watch and record television shows on a new Windows Vista based test rig, we feel that we couldn't go back to a computer that lacked a TV tuner like the TV Wonder 650 PCIe.



With Vista’s sleek Media Center interface, watching and recording TV on the PC is easier than ever. Although we had a TV only about five feet away from our test rig while using the TV Wonder 650 PCIe, we ended up being more productive watching a show, the news, or a sporting event while working on the PC rather than having to turn around and watch it on the television. Although we’ve used quite a few TV tuners in the past, none have been as polished or have worked as well as the TV Wonder 650 PCIe.


In Windows XP, the TV Wonder 650 PCIe experience was enjoyable as well, with Catalyst Media Center the installation and configuration of the ATI TV Wonder 650 PCIe was quick and easy. Image quality, although always subjective, was as good as we’d seen from any TV tuner card. We had some noise on a few of the 120 or so channels we had access to, indicating that the image quality problem was likely due to lack of coax signal integrity.  And the dual tuning capabilities of the card, in addition to its ability to pick up HD and SD broadcasts make it excellent choice for any type of user looking to watch TV on their PC, whether it be on their desktop or in their Home Theater.  For about $150, the new TV Wonder 650 PCIe will be solid buy.  It should be available in the coming weeks.


  • Good Image Quality
  • PCI Express Interface
  • Dual Tuners
  • XP and Vista Support
  • Media Center Software Included
  • Still No CableCard Support

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