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Battlefield Bad Company 2 and AvP

The next game we spent some time playing on the Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition was Battlefield Bad Company 2...

Battlefield Bad Company 2

EA and DICE took Eyefinity Technology into consideration during the development of Battlefield Bad Company 2. As such, all of the in-game action, cut sequences and menus are easy to navigate and look correct, even when playing on a 6-screen, 3x2 Eyefinity configuration. The only graphical anomaly to content with is the centered crosshair, which again is split across the center screen bezels.

Running this game at 5760x2160 with all in-game graphical options set to medium resulted in a framerate of about 30 FPS according to Fraps. Increasing the image quality and using high in-game settings resulted in a framerate of about 20 FPS.

We did run into a configuration issue with the version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 available via Steam, however. The game installed fine, and launched properly, but it initially opened in a window. Clicking in the window to bring it into focus and maximize it full screen, resulted in 6 blank screens that went into power save mode. Alt-tabbing out of the game brought up the Windows desktop without a problem, though. To remedy the situation, we had to disable our Eyefinity monitor group. Then we had to launch the game on a single screen and set the resolution to 1920x1080 (the native resolution of our screen), exit out of the game, and then re-configure our Eyefinity group. Once that was done, the game launched properly and we were able to game on all of the screens, after selecting the proper resolution from the in-game menu.

Alien versus Predator

Alien vs. Predator is another game in which Eyefinity was considered during its development. Despite being a relatively new, cutting edge DX11 title, AvP ran perfectly on a 3x2 Eyefinity configuration right out of the gate. We simply launched the game, set the resolution and we were ready to rock.

Playing AvP on an expansive 3x2 Eyefinity configuration is excellent. Like L4D2, spotting enemies in your periphery and reacting adds a new dynamic to the game that makes it a somewhat more visceral and immersive. Running this game at 5760x2160 at very high settings with max anisotropic filtering resulted in a framerate of about 21-25 FPS, according to Fraps. The game was completely playable at these settings, as the video shows, but lowering the quality a bit will obviously increase performance.

The only issues with Alien versus Predator and a 6-screen Eyefinity configuration are an obscured crosshair, and HUD information that may span across bezels; both of which are minor annoyances that are easy to get used to after gaming on the setup for a while.

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