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Overclocking the 9250


Overclocking The ATi Radeon 9250
Making Fast Faster...

We also spent some time overclocking the ATi Radeon 9250.  After finding the maximum stable VPU core and memory clock speeds, we fired up the Final Fantasy XI benchmark and Unreal Tournament 2004 again so see what kind of performance gains we'd achieved...


Using PowerStrip v3.54, we where able to obtained about a 19% (56.6MHz) increase in speed which brought the VPU core from a stock 238.5MHz to 295MHz, when overclocked.  Also, we where able to increase the memory clock speed from the stock 200.25MHz by 24.75 MHz which placed the overclocked speed at 225Mhz, about an 11% increase.  Running UT2004 again, we saw about a 16% increase, and in FFXI, we achieved about a 9% increase in total processed frames.  During the test runs, the card proved to be very stable and did not produce any noticeable visual artifacts.  All and all, we were very pleased with the extra performance boost we were able to squeeze out of the card.

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