AMD ATI FirePro V8750 Workstation Graphics Card

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Performance Summary: Going into this evaluation, we wanted to see how well the V8750 did against the top workstation cards currently available, including its predecessor, the V8700. After several benchmarks, its clear that the V8750 is a stronger performer than the V8700, but the performance deltas are not very big. Yes, it managed to outperform the V8700 in every single test we conducted, but usually only by a couple of frames per second. But to be fair, we didn't expect to see earth shattering improvements by simply doubling the available frame buffer memory while leaving the GPU clocked at the same frequency.


At $1,799, the FirePro V8750 costs a few hundred dollars more than the V8700, which was $1,400 at launch. A quick search online shows that you can find the V8700 for under $1,000 at several e-tailers. While this is likely due to shops clearing out inventory for new product, it does put a damper on the initial MSRP of the V8750. Of course, in time, the V8750's street price will fall significantly, as it did for the V8700.

AMD took the fastest workstation graphics card in its line up and doubled the available memory to 2GB while giving its memory a slight speed boost to 900MHz. Sporting dual DisplayPort outputs and a quiet cooling solution, the V8750 offers professional users excellent performance that is properly tuned for the workstation market. Is this the card for you? Despite showing only small increases in performance over the previous flagship model, progress has been made as the FirePro V8750 is now the fastest AMD workstation-class card on the market, and the most powerful offered by AMD. If you're looking for a cutting edge workstation-class graphics card, you've definitely found it.

  • The fastest AMD workstation graphics card
  • Low Noise Cooling Solution
  • DisplayPort and Dual-Link DVI Ports


  • Not much of an upgrade over the V8700
  • Expensive at $1,799


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