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ATi's All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro Unveiled (PT2)
ATi Releases Their Best All-In-Wonder Yet

By: Jeff Bouton
October 6th, 2003


Benchmarks / Comparison With Wolfenstein


It looks as though the GeForce FX 5600 gets the last word in the benchmarking arena, beating out the ATi cards altogether at 1600x1200 tests.  Regardless of the quality settings in the drivers, the GeForce FX simply ran better all around, most particularly with the 4XAA and 4XAA+Anisotropic tests.


Now that the long wait is over, we have to say that it was worth it.  The new All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro proved to us that it is a worthy addition to the All-In-Wonder family with new features and excellent gaming performance for the price.  The value the latest All-In-Wonder brings to the PC is quite good, with virtually every multimedia function you could ask for including dual monitor support, a remote control, DirectX 9 support and the powerful Multimedia Center 8.6 that unlocks all of the card's multimedia functions.

Aside from the card's excellent features and performance, the overall bundle that will accompany the All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro is impressive in its own right.  We think that some users may be disappointed that the Remote Wonder II will not come standard with the card, however, ATi does give a cheap upgrade option that should satisfy most.  What they may find more of a let down is the lack of an antennae for the FM tuner.  While the documentation states that you can hook up your cable if your provider offers FM signal, this is unlikely in this era of charging for every service.  We think the majority of users ( in the states at least) will need to either pay for FM service from the cable company or visit their local electronics shop for an antennae for the FM tuner.  ATi could have included this and made everyone happy, especially with the money saved by not including the Remote Wonder II as initially touted.  But then again, they are including Half-Life 2, so it's hard to get too upset at the few shortcomings we mentioned.

The All-In-Wonder 9600 pro is slated to hit store shelves October 6th at an MSRP of $249 and surely there will be cheaper prices found.  Taking into account our overall impression of the new All-In-Wonder and a few of its missteps, we still walked away quite pleased with ATi's latest offering.  If you are a budget minded user looking for a video card that does it all, it's hard to beat the ATi All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro for value and performance at the price. 

We give the All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a 8.5. 


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