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The All-In-Wonder 128 Pro
3D, TV and the "Kitchen Sink"

 5/31/00 - By, Marco ?BigWop? Chiappetta


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Tyan Trinity 400, PIII 733mhz, 256mb Mushkin PC133 ram, IBM 22.4 GB 7200rpm HD, Aureal SQ2500, Windows 98SE, DirectX 7.0


3D Benchmarks With The All In Wonder 128 Pro
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No video card review these days would be complete without 3D benchmarks.  I?m going to take a slightly different approach with this review, as this card is not intended to be the king of the hill in terms of 3D performance.  V-Sync was disabled for both D3D and OpenGL.

For Direct 3D testing, I simply ran MadOnion?s 3D Mark 2000 at 1024 x 768 to give you an idea of what kind of performance you could expect:

A respectable number, its no DDR GeForce 2, but it?s nothing to frown about.  I tested multiple sets of drivers and found that the drivers included on the CD had some problems with flashing textures in 3D Mark, and the 4.12.6269 drivers available on ATI?s site wouldn?t let 3D Mark run at all.  However, the latest driver set (633CD18) released just a couple days ago, cleared up both problems.  I also played a couple rounds of Unreal Tournament at 1024 x 768 x 32 and it was very smooth and playable.

To test OpenGL performance I used none other than Quake 3 (who would have guessed).  Nothing too extensive, but to give you an idea of what level of performance you could expect, I set Quake 3 to the ?Normal? setting and ran Demo001.Dm3:

As you can see, there is a sharp drop off as the resolution increases, but nonetheless it is very playable, and image quality was on par with just about every other card I?ve used.

The ATI All-In-Wonder Pro 128 is a very nice piece of hardware.  There are too many features on this board to count.  The 2D and Video capabilities of the card are excellent, offering both ease of use and powerful tools.  3D performance does leave something to be desired.  This card offers 4th generation 3D performance in a 5th generation world.  However, if you?re a casual gamer looking for a card with the video capabilities of the All-In-Wonder 128 Pro, I?d have no problems recommending this card to you.  ATI isn?t marketing this as a V5 or GeForce killer, that?s what the RADEON is for. On the other hand,  with the All In Wonder 128 Pro, they have delivered a good all around solution with some great features.

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