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The All-In-Wonder 128 Pro
3D, TV and the "Kitchen Sink"

 5/31/00 - By, Marco ?BigWop? Chiappetta

Convergence...  Anyone that?s been around PC?s has been hearing this word for quite some time.  Since the first CD-Quality audio was available on the PC, industry pundits have been foretelling of the day when your PC will be the centerpiece of the living room, replacing your current televisions, computers and stereos with an all-in-one solution.  They have visions of a "catch all' of home entertainment, where Dad can watch the latest DVD and the kids can get involved in a multiplayer "frag-fest" just before dinner?Well they probably never envisioned a "frag-fest" but you get the idea.

ATI has helped make that vision a reality.  The ATI All-In-Wonder Pro 128 has all the 2D and video capabilities needed for those chores, while combining a 3D feature set capable of running today?s most demanding games.

The board fits into a standard AGP slot, and despite all its integrated features is no bigger than a standard length card.

Specifications Of The All In Wonder 128 Pro
Well engineered

Inside the box, there is also a very strong software bundle.  You?ll find Ulead Videostudio 4.0 and Merlin VR included for your development needs, as well as full versions of Heavy Gear 2 and Need For Speed: High Stakes, to kill some of that leisure time.

On the back of the card, you have connections for Cable-TV In, A/V In (which connects to a ?breakout box? or pod that houses standard composite A/V inputs as well as an S-Video input), A/V out and a standard monitor connection.


  • RAGE 128 PRO 128-bit 3D Chipset (125mhz)

  • Intelligent TV-Tuner with Digital VCR

  • High-resolution 1920x1200 graphics at 85Hz refresh rate

  • 32-bit true color gaming

  • Still image and MPEG-2 motion video capture

  • Video editing

  • Hardware DVD video playback

  • Video output to TV or VCR

  • 32 MB of memory (7ns Micron @ 142mhz)

  • AGP 4X/2X

  • Full 3D acceleration in all modes and color depths in resolutions up to 1920x1200@32bpp

  • Support for DirectX and OpenGL

  • 8 million triangles/second set-up engine

  • Integrated iDCT and motion compensation allows for flicker-free DVD decoding with minimum CPU usage

  • 125-channel TV-Tuner lets you watch high-quality stereo TV on your PC

  • Check out the action up close using instant replay or powerful zoom feature

  • Schedule the viewing of favorite shows, scan through all available stations for a glance at what's on, or create a TV Magazine with images and text from your chosen programs

The All-In-Wonder 128 Pro offers a VERY complete feature set. The video features distinguish it as not just any other graphics card but a Multi-Media "Jack of All Trades".  

Setting it up



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