ASUS XONAR Essence STX PCIe Audio Card

ASUS XONAR Essence STX Driver Features

Asus XONAR Essence STX
Driver features

Lets take a quick tour of the Xonar Audio Center, its layout and controls.
For a full explanation of each feature, we'd suggest you refer to our previous Xonar covers and specifically take a look here.

Audio Center                                      Main                                    Mixer Playback

The Xonar Audio Center in its compact mode allows access to all the basic controls such as volume, smart volume, mute and the different DSP modes. Click the up arrow and it expands to reveal the main mixer section which provides access to adjust the sample rate, analog out, SPDIF out and various Dolby settings.
Click the Mixer button and you have access to the playback level controls. 

Mixer Record                                  Effects                                       KARAOKE      

Still under the mixer section you can click the record button and it provides access to all input level controls. The Effect button allows access to the EQ and various presets plus environmental settings. The KARAOKE button provides access to the various KARAOKE settings such as key shifting, vocal cancellation, and mic echo.   

FlexBass                                Vocal Effects

The FlexBass section is where you can activate and adjust the low frequency crossover point. Click the VocalFX button and you will see and be able to set the 3D game, VOIP, ChatEX, and Magic Voice settings.

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