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Asus V8420 Deluxe GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Review
A Ti 4200 For Gamers & Video Aficionados...

By - Robert Maloney
October 16, 2002

Overclocking The Asus V8420 Deluxe GF4 Ti4200
Where you really stretch those dollars

Overclocking with the Asus V8420 was an interesting venture to say the least. Although Asus does provide it's own tweak utility, we opted to use the Coolbits registry hack as we have done for previous reviews. The V8420's core clock speed is 260Mhz, with a 550MHz memory clock, which we know is conservative speed for 3.3ns DDR modules. We were expecting to reach the 300/600+ range, and we're happy to report, we were not disappointed. We upped the clock speed +5/+10MHz intervals until we reached a completely stable 300MHz / 630MHz core and memory clocks. Already impressed, we moved onward and finally locked up 3DMark at 310/650. We then started tinkering with these numbers and found that we maxed out the core clock at 308MHz, but the RAM still seemed to have some headroom. We kept pushing the speeds up, now in 5MHz increments until we maxed out Coolbits at 690MHz. Yes, you read that correctly. We then used PowerStrip and keep pressing on until we eventually ended up at 712MHz, 162Mhz over the original speed!  We obviously can't vouch that every overclocker will get the same results with their card, but this was definitely an impressive increase in clock speed!  We ran three sets of Quake 3 and three sets of 3DMark numbers while the card was overclocked, and then compared them to the original scores.

In Quake 3, we picked up from 20-30 frames per second by overclocking the Asus V8420. At 1024x768, the score was right behind the Ti4600, and the overclocked Ti4200 eclipsed the 4600 in the other two tests. The same pattern was repeated with 3DMark 2001SE. The scores increased nicely when overclocked, and pushed past the Ti4600 at higher resolutions. It's tough to justify spending extra money on a Ti4600 when you can get the extra performance for free?

What's not to like about the Asus V8420 Deluxe GeForce 4 Ti4200?  At a price as low as $200 (found on various price search engines) you get a top quality video card, two full games and a nice suite of programs and utilities. You also get all of the adapters necessary for connecting your PC to a second VGA monitor or a breakout box that can be used for playing games on a television.  Finally, as if there weren't enough goodies, there is a pair of 3D stereoscopic glasses, that really put the "3D" in three-dimensional gaming.  The card comes stocked with an ample amount of RAM for buffering those high-res textures, and the purple PCB looks great in a modded case. It was also an interesting endeavor finding out how high the V8420 would overclock.  In fact, it surpassed all of the previous Ti4200s we have reviewed.  Obtaining these speeds provides the performance of a card that is nearly twice its price and doesn't even take into account the bundle of hardware and software.  Asus didn't just allow us to raise the speeds with this card, they raised the bar for all other GeForce 4 Ti 4200 cards in our opinion...

  • Great overclocking ability
  • Ti4600 performance at Ti4200 price range
  • 128MB 3.3ns DDR RAM
  • Super bundle of games and utilities
  • Video In and Out with a break-out box
  • More expensive than other 128MB Ti4200 with ViVo capabilities


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