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Asus V8420 Deluxe GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Review
A Ti 4200 For Gamers & Video Aficionados...

By - Robert Maloney
October 16, 2002

More Quake 3 - 4XAA & Anisotropic Filtering
Quake 3 testing is never really done

Anti-Aliasing Tests Continued:

Once again, the GF4 Ti 4600 and the Ti4200 from Asus lead the pack, and were the only two cards with which we could complete a benchmark at 1600x1200. The others dropped out due to insufficient free RAM for high-res antialiasing, or a lack of support in the drivers, which was the case with the Radeon. At the higher resolutions with 4xAA enabled, the framerates were getting too low to be considered playable.

Anisotropic Filtering:

Anisotropic Filtering is another filtering method used to clean up image quality by filtering textures in order to prevent "fuzziness" on sloped surfaces. A in-depth dissertation on AF can be found on ExtremeTech's website, right here.  Anisotropic filtering takes a toll on the video card's performance, more so for NVIDIA's GeForce line then for ATI's Radeons. We should also mention that what NVIDIA calls 32-Tap Anisotropic filtering (4X in their drivers) is not what ATi calls 32-Tap Anisotropic filtering (8X in their drivers). Another thing to consider is that the Radeon 8500 we used for testing can't do trilinear filtering when Anisotropic filtering is enabled. The differing methods and capabilities traditionally gave ATi a huge performance advantage over NVIDIA.

As we alluded to earlier, the Radeon 8500 took first place in each test, but with a marginal lead at best over the Ti 4600. NVIDIA's newer drivers seem to finally be boosting anisotropic filtering performance. The Asus card repeatedly remained 3 frames over the other Ti 4200, yet was firmly entrenched in third place behind the Radeon 8500 and the Ti 4600.

Using 64-tap aniso, there isn't much else new to say, although the gap between the Radeon and the GeForce line has widened some. Once again, however, let me point out that Trilinear filtering is not supported in AF on the Radeon, and using Bilinear filtering for the GeForce cards would raise the numbers to more competitive levels.

Serious Sam & Comanche 4...

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