Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Review

Asus UI Customizations and Camera Performance

When it comes to useful tweaks to the already rather functional and complete Android 4.x interface, Asus dials things in better than most.  We're not completely satisfied; we miss the simple task killer X boxes that can be found on the likes of Lenovo's IdeaPad tablet, on the Android active task bar but that's a minor quibble.  Asus' control panel and customizable widgets also offer quick access functionality that most tablets don't.

Home Screen with Custom Asus Control Panel - Asus Customized Widgets

The Asus control panel that you can bring up on the bottom right of any screen, is identical to what is available on the Transformer Prime.  It allows direct access to screen brightness and Super IPS+ controls, three power management levels (power saving, balanced, performance), WiFi/BT on/off toggle, pivot mode, settings hotkey, and a battery life indicator for the pad and keyboard.  And wait, what's this?  In addition to customizable widgets like the battery level indicator, MyZine and weather, Asus offers an active task manager widget.  It might add a bit more clutter to your desktop versus an integrated Android task bar modification but it does get the job done.

Asus MyZine Widget and Android Web Browser Keyboard

Asus App Backup and Polaris Office

The Asus MyZine widget is about as close as you get to the active tiles feature of Windows 8, except they're, well, not active.  But hey, you do get quick access and view of your most recent web page visits, pictures, music and weather forecast.  Come on Google, you can do this.  At least Asus makes the effort here, and also bundles in things like their App Backup utility and the most current version of Polaris Office.

Camera Performance
Visible improvements all around, stills and video.

As we previously noted, the new Asus Pad Infinity has an updated, wide F2.2 aperture 8MP rear-facing camera with updated IR filter.  The results of this new technology speak for themselves.  Feast on the rainy day pooch cuteness...

Indoor and Outdoor Still Camera Results - Both Lower Light Conditions

Without question the Transformer Pad Infinity has one of the nicest integrated HD cameras we've seen on any mobile device to date, tablet or handset.  It even does relatively well in lower light situations as you can see, with much less grain visible versus what the Transformer Prime delivered.  This too was like night and day.  You might not be the type to take pics with a tablet very often (neither are we), but if you need to take that impromptu snap, this integrated tab cam won't let you down.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 1080p HD Video Sample

In terms of video performance, the Transformer Pad Infinity's revamped 8MP auto-focus camera also excels versus virtually all other tablet cameras we've tested thus far.  Here you can see our resident Jack Russel terrorists are captured with relative clean, sharp precision even in fast moving action.  For an integrated tablet camera the results are impressive and image quality speaks for itself. As you can also here, the on board mic captures audio from a nearby source (in this case I'm holding the tablet fairly close) nicely as well.

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