Asus PG221 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Connectivity and Controls



The Asus PG221 has a wide array of video and audio inputs that allow users to connect the display to a broad range of sources.


Asus PG221 I/O
Analog and Digital Video Support



On the back of the display, from left to right, you’ll see a standard power connector, a DVI input, a VGA input, two sets of composite audio inputs, component, composite, and S-Video inputs, a 1/8” audio output, a USB port, a 1/8” audio input, and finally a connector for the unit’s sub-woofer.  On the side of the display are three more USB ports that can be used to connect any sort of peripheral, an SRS button to enable virtual surround sound and headphone and microphone jacks.  Overall, this is undoubtedly a nice assortment of I/O options.  We have liked to have seen an HDMI input, however.

Asus PG221 Controls
Virtual "Buttons"


To power-up the PW191 and access its on-screen control panel, Asus has outfitted the monitor with unique touch-sensitive controls that are all situated at one corner of the front bezel.  The virtual buttons are back-lit with amber and blue lights to illustrate exactly where to touch. There are nine buttons in total, one for the ‘Splendid’ video control, one for the ‘TruBass’ sensor, main menu, an input selector, a sound mode selector, brightness / ‘Light in motion’ up and down sensors, a volume slider sensor, and finally a power sensor.

We generally liked how these touch-sensitive controls looked, but in practice we found them to be somewhat of a hindrance.  Unless the front of the panel is perfectly clean, and we made contract with just the right amount of area surrounding the "button," they didn't always work.  Thankfully, once the brightness, contrast, and colors were set to our liking, we didn't have to fiddle with the controls very much unless we wanted to change the audio mode.

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