Asus P5NSLI: NVIDIA nForce 570 Intel Edition

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WB5: 3ds MAX and Nero Burning ROM

We continued our testing of the Asus P5NSLI with a few more tests that are part of the WorldBench 5.0 suite. Up next we have some performance results from WB 5.0's 3Ds Max (Direct 3D) and Nero Burning ROM tests.

WorldBench 5.0: 3ds Max
More Real-World Application Performance

A number of different 3D objects are rendered and animated in this test, and the entire time needed to complete the tasks is recorded. As is the case with all of the individual WorldBench tests, a lower time here indicates better performance.

The P5N32-SLI SE posted the best score in WorldBench 5.0's 3D Studio Max benchmark, followed by the P5NSLI and then the two Intel-chipset based motherboards. The differences aren't dramatic here, but we speculate that using an NVIDIA chipset with an NVIDIA based graphics card, running a 3D application is what gives the nForces a slight edge in this test.

World Bench 5.0: Nero Burning ROM
CD-ROM Duplication And Creation Performance

The P965-based Asus P5B Deluxe put up the best score in WordBench 5.0's Nero benchmark, but the P5NSLI wasn't too far behind.  Interestingly enough, the P5N32-SLI trailed behind by a significant margin due to a driver issue we've talked about in the past, but the P5NSLI didn't seem to be affected.

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