Asus Matrix 5870 2GB Video Card Review

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Power Consumption and Temps

Power Consumption and Operating Temperatures
How low can you go?

The Asus Matrix 5870 used 251W during idle and 426W under load, with iTracker 2 in use. Coincidentally, we achieved measurable power savings with the utility turned off. Either way, its load power consumption was the lowest out of all the cards in the comparison group, an impressive 42 watts lower than the GTX 470. On the other hand, idle power usage was relatively high when using iTracker 2. The Matrix squandered 26W more in an idle state when the overclocking utility was running.

Using Furmark's stability test, the Matrix hit 84 degrees Celsius under load, while maintaining 55 degrees at idle. The graph illustrates how the card's idle temperature is considerably higher than almost every card in the group, with the exception of the dual GPU 5970 from XFX, which sat at 60 degrees idle. The Matrix ran 10 degrees cooler without iTracker 2 loaded.

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