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Chronicles of Ridddick Performance


Chronicles of Riddick Escape From Butcher Bay is a fairly new game we've added to our test suite.  If you're not careful, you'd swear it was a Doom 3 engine-based game, as we did initially, but like us you'd be wrong (we know, perish the thought...).  Riddick is actually based on its own proprietary game engine from Starbreeze Studios.  Starbreeze is an impressive OpenGL-based rendering engine that easily rivals Doom 3 quality graphics. It also makes for an excellent benchmarking tool because it's one of the few OpenGL-based titles out there that actually isn't based on the Doom 3 engine.

Performance Comparisons with Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Chronicles of Riddick
Starbreeze Studios is responsible for creating the surprisingly impressive Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Riddick is a first person shooter that's powered by the company's proprietary Starbreeze Engine. This engine is currently being used for all projects at Starbreeze and is geared toward indoor or semi-indoor game environments, with per light-source light-mapping and high-quality shading with normal mapping. According to Starbreeze Studios, the engine has been under development for over seven years and is currently being used on the PC, PS2, Xbox, and GameCube platforms. However, the Starbreeze engine is also being ported onto next-generation platforms as well. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay has impressive visuals, a mature story line and has proven to be a tough challenge.



The ASUS Extreme N7800GTX Top once again shows itself to be the fastest card in our benchmark runs with Riddick, from top to bottom.  The new GeForce 7800GTX-based board from ASUS takes victory lane with an average of a 5-7% advantage over the BFG card, but because it's obviously clocked higher out of the box, it's no surprise.  In fact, our BFG GeForce 7800GTX OC card is also able to hit near 500MHz core speeds while overclocking, but the nice thing about the ASUS Extreme N7800GTX Top is that it's shipped at 486MHz core GPU speed with a full warranty. 

The next thing to observe here again is the massive gains that were afforded by our SLI setup with the cards.  Interestingly enough, without AA and AF enabled, it looks like we're seeing a CPU limitation because our frame rates were so tightly coupled between 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 resolutions.

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