Asus Eee Pad Transformer Review

Battery Life Test

In an attempt to quantitatively measure the Transformer's battery life in a controlled benchmark environment, we also ran a test in which we set up a webpage with a mix of graphics and text. The page automatically refreshes every three minutes.

Battery Life Tests
Untethered Up-Time Measurements

For this test, we set the Transformer's display to 50% brightness, which is still plenty bright and easy on the eyes. The Transformer was able to last well over 8 hours on its own before it powered down.

This is a fairly new test in our set of benchmarks, so we don't have a lot of other tablet data yet to which we can compare. However, we have run the test on a few smartphones and the Motorola Xoom. The graph above shows how the Transformer compares. Versus the Motorola product, we pulled almost an additional 3hrs out of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer--impressive. We should note however that, the reason you're not seeing test results with the Transformer running in its keyboard dock for that extra claimed battery life, is that we believe we're seeing an anomaly with our dock at this time causing it not to perform as we expected. We're in touch with Asus on this and will update the graph here once we get reliable data.

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