Asus DirectCU NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Round-Up

Asus HD 6870 DirectCU Edition


 Asus DirectCU HD 6870
 Specs and Features
EAH6870 DC

Core Clock
915 MHz
Memory Clock / Size
1050 MHz / 1 GB

Two DisplayPort

3 years



Quick overview of the HD 6870
The HD 6870 is an impressive mid-range card that provides a compelling solution for those who want the most bang for their buck. Current prices range from $204 for reference design models, all the way up to $269 for overclocked versions running at 940 MHz. At launch, we found it performs on par with the GeForce GTX 470, and a bit slower than the Radeon HD 5870. But it did bring a sense of refinement to AMD's lineup by lowering power consumption, better support for DX11, and enhanced CrossFire scaling.

How does the DirectCU HD 6870 differ from the stock model?
Like the other cards we've looked at, this model is outfitted with the Asus DirectCU cooling solution and mild factory overclock. Without a doubt, it's a good option for those who require a little extra from their PC components and want to stand out from the crowd. The difference include a core clock speed of 915 MHz vs 900 MHz, two DisplayPorts vs two mini-DisplayPorts, customized cooling, and a back plate. Also, the reference design offers an HDMI output, while this model does not.


But similar to the stock card, the DCII HD 6870 is a dual slot graphics card. It still requires only two 6-pin power connectors and continues to use a single fan.


Lastly, we see the HD 6870 making a home for itself on the Rampage III. It doesn't take up as much room as the other cards in this article, with only a dual slot form factor. It's worth noting, we've read several users have complained that two of these cards will not fit in adjacent PCIe slots due to the back plate. That's something to consider if you planned on a CrossFire setup with this particular product.


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