Asus DirectCU NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Round-Up

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Asus HD 6950 DirectCU II Edition


 Asus DirectCU II HD 6950
 Specs and Features


Core Clock
810 MHz
Memory Clock / Size
1250 MHz / 2 GB

Four DisplyPort

3 years




Quick overview of the HD 6950
The HD 6950 falls in line right where you would expect it, behind the 6970 in performance and with a lower price. It's clearly slower than the GeForce GTX 570, but faster than the Radeon HD 5870. They can be found online in the $239 to $299 price range.

How does the DirectCU II HD 6950 differ from the stock model?
Like the other cards we've looked at, the DCII HD 6950 comes with a small GPU frequency increase, 810 MHz from 800 MHz stock. It offers two DVI and four DisplayPorts, much different from the options found on the reference design. Also, the cooling is completely upgraded with the DCII triple slot heat sink and dual fan system.


Looking at the power requirements, the DCII HD 6950 needs one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector. On the other hand, the reference design calls for two 6-pin PCIe plugs.




The image above depicts a side view of the HD 6950, as you would see it looking through a case window. It is deceiving though, as the card doesn't actually extend past the edge of the motherboard as much as the picture shows.


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