AOC Aire Black E2243FWK LED Monitor Review

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Performance Summary: Summarizing the performance of AOC's E2243FWK display really boils down to expectations. Armed with a TN panel, the E2243FWK struggles in areas where IPS displays excel, and that's to be expected out of a $150 monitor. Colors appeared somewhat dull compared to some of the higher end displays we've evaluated in the past few months, and it had trouble discerning white and black levels at extreme ends of the spectrum. On the flip-side, the E2243FWK carries a poor man's price tag and offers white collar performance. The LED backlight keeps things bright, it doesn't suffer from ghosting (not that we noticed, anyway), and color tracking was mostly accurate, certainly better than what you expect in this price range.




Whether or not you should consider the E2243FWK depends on what you're looking for (doesn't it always?). Penny pinchers hoping to score a brightly lit display that looks gorgeous and doesn't take up much space are the best candidates. We love the glossy piano black finish, and even though it's prone to picking up finger prints, there isn't much bezel on this ultra-thin display for that to be a legitimate concern.

But you don't offer an LED monitor at a budget price tag without making a few concessions. The E2243FWK doesn't come with a USB hub or speakers, the latter of which won't be an issue if you actually care about audio anyway. There's no DisplayPort or HDMI port, and while you will find a DVI-D port, you'll have to supply your own cable (AOC only includes a D-Sub cable). AOC also skimped on the base, paying more attention to its touch-sensitive controls and leaving out features like height and pivot adjustments; you're only able tilt the E2243FWK, and not by much.

If you can live with the drawbacks, the E2243FWK is a cost effective solution that looks sleek, produces bright images, and won't dominate your desk.



  • LED backlight shines bright
  • Razor thin panel is no thicker than Motorola's Xoom tablet
  • Lots of OSD controls
  • Sleek and sexy design
  • Price
  • Touch-sensitive controls don't always register
  • No height or pivot options
  • No DisplayPort or HDMI
  • Colors don't 'pop'


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