AOC Aire Black E2243FWK LED Monitor Review


There are several benefits to buying an LCD display with LED backlighting. One of these is that the picture is supposed to be brighter and better looking, though this can be negated by a poor quality panel. Another benefit is lower power consumption, which not only earns you brownie points with Mother Nature, but also brings with it less heat. But for some, the biggest reason to shop an LED display is for the thin profile.

How thin is the AOC E2243FWK? If this were an actress, her name would be Lara Flynn Boyle, only a lot more attractive. If you prefer raw numbers, the E2243FWK measures just 12.9mm thin, which is just a little thicker than Apple's second generation iPad tablet (8.8mm), and exactly the same thickness as Motorola's Xoom. That's right, AOC constructed a monitor that's roughly the same thickness as a tablet you carry around with you.

If you want to mount the E2243FWK on a wall, the base flips all the way back with the press of a button. This means it will stick out a little more than if the base was removable, but will still sit nearly flush with the wall.

The E2243FWK's ultra-thin frame and glossy piano black finish adds up to a gorgeous looking display that makes many other LCD monitors look pudgy and plain by comparison. We also dig the relatively slim bezel, which measures about 11/16th of an inch. But while we appreciate the form, we're not sold on the function of AOC's design. There are no height, swivel, or pivot adjustments, just a little bit of tilt. Even for an entry-level display, the ergonomics are sparse.

Also missing from the Aire Black series are value added features, like a USB hub, media card reader, or built-in speakers. By leaving out these accoutrements, AOC was able to keep costs and physical dimensions to a minimum, which is fine if all you're looking for is the display itself.

Baby got back! For what it's worth, the entire backside of the E2243FWK is also glossy, which will either be a non-factor if you place it in front of a wall (or mounted to one), or will require frequent rubdowns with a lint-free cloth if you keep it on the edge of your desk in an open office environment.

AOC doesn't include a ton of connectivity ports on the E2243FWK, but it does come with the essentials, including a DVI-D port (with HDCP), Analog RGB D-sub, and of course the power connector. AOC supplies a power cable and VGA cable.

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