AOC Aire Black E2243FWK LED Monitor Review

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Subjective Analysis

While DisplayMate lays out a monitor's performance in black and white (and blue and green and red and...), we also take into consideration a subjective analysis. After all, you're not purchasing a monitor to view test patterns for hours on end. To see how the E2243FWK performs in the real world, we viewed a series of high definition movies and fired up a few games. Torturous, we know, but hey, you guys are worth every minute of our entertainment.
Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback and Gaming 

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 @ 1080P

Playing back a collection of high definition movies revealed the same things that DisplayMate did, which is that the E2243FWK produces excellent brightness and good looking images overall, but slightly dull colors. This isn't something that's going to bother the average user, and even some power users, but if you're accustomed to higher end panels, you will notice a difference. Don't mistake that to mean you can't watch movies on the E2243FWK, because it will likely look better than whatever budget LCD monitor you're replacing.

Dirt 2

Game testing was more of the same, in that the E2243FWK produced bright environments with good color reproduction, but not as crisp or sharp as higher end displays. We didn't notice any ghosting, and because the E2243FWK sports a native 1920x1080 screen resolution, you're not going to need a top-end videocard to drive this thing.

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