AMD FirePro W8000, W9000 Challenge Nvidia's Quadro

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3ds Max 2011

Now we come to the grand-daddy of all 3D rendering packages, 3DS Max. We've used SPEC's Professional version of the benchmark but focused on the results that pertain specifically to GPUs. Unfortunately, the GPU-specific tests used in this benchmark do not run properly when used in 3DS Max 2012 or 2013, or else we'd have compared performance in those suites as well.

We'll start with high-level GPU performance first.

Again, GPU performance in the "GPU Composite" test is flat for AMD, and stuck in Quadro 4000 territory. The Large Model Composite is a viewport scene that hammers into the GPU, and here we see the W9000 putting some space between itself and the Quadro 6000.

In the graph above, the Quadro 6000 is the green bar, the FirePro W9000 is yellow, and the FirePro W8000 is blue. Again, the new FirePro cards slip ahead of the Quadro 6000 in large model manipulations, but NV leads in every other test. We didn't have time to run these benchmarks on the Quadro 4000 or V7900, but the GPU Rendering and GPU shaders tests clearly favor Nvidia.

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