AMD FirePro W8000, W9000 Challenge Nvidia's Quadro

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SpecViewPerf (Cont)

Our SPECViewPerf fun continues with a look at Pro/Engineer by PTC (we'll examine another program from them later in the review) and SolidWorks.

The Pro/Engineer test barely scales at all on AMD hardware, despite evidence of clear scaling between the Quadro 4000 and the Quadro 6000. AMD puts up a good showing in SolidWorks, with the V7900 and W8000 pulling ahead of the Quadro 4000. The W9000 nearly catches the Quadro 6K, but still falls behind.
Finally, we have Siemens Teamcenter Visualization Mockup, which is used for visual simulation, and Siems NX software, which is used for engineering analysis and manufacturing design.

NX-01 crashed on the two new FirePro cards, but ran without a hitch on the V7900 and Quadros. TCVIS-02 performance on FirePro is by-the-book terrible. Again, the W8000 and W9000 are stuck at V7900 performance levels. Again, the Quadro 4000 outperforms the W9000. The V7900 does manage to pass the Q4K in snx-01, but that's the only bright spot.

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