AMD Radeon R7 Series 240GB SSD Review

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Performance Summary: The AMD Radeon R7 Series SSD is one of the all-around, highest-performing solid state drives we have tested to date. The 240GB drive we tested offered competitive, and occasionally class-leading, performance across our entire battery of tests. IOPS performance was among the best we've seen in a consumer-class SSD, write throughput and access times were highly-competitive across the board, and the drive offered consistent performance regardless of the data type being transferred. Read performance was also strong, though not quite as stand-out as write performance.

The AMD Radeon R7 Series SSD -- Find It At Amazon

AMD and OCZ expect the Radeon R7 Series SSDs to be available starting tomorrow. Suggested e-tail pricing starts at $99.99 USD for the 120GB model ($0.82 per GB), $163.99 USD for the 240GB model ($0.63 per GB) and $298.99 USD for the 480GB model ($0.62 per GB). At those prices, the Radeon R7 Series SSDs aren’t the most affordable around, but considering their good overall performance, the price points are justifiable.

Ultimately, we really like these drives and can recommend them without hesitation. With that said, we’re sure some of you are wondering why AMD is getting into the SSD business in the first place. According to AMD, the company is adding SSDs to its portfolio of AMD Radeon-branded products in an effort to offer a “one-stop shop” to PC enthusiasts. To quote AMD directly, “With AMD-branded memory, processors, chipsets, graphics cards and solid state disks, AMD is simplifying the buying process with a suite of products that help ensure interoperability. Additionally, augmenting the AMD Radeon branded product portfolio with a unique range of SSDs opens new opportunities for bundling and promotions with other AMD products.”

Customers may also be wondering who to turn to for support—AMD or OCZ. We’re told that end-users should contact OCZ’s tech support and customer service channels if necessary. OCZ maintains a call center in the US and offers 24/7 support via their dedicated forum. Radeon–branded products will have their own dedicated section in the forum as well.

All told, we think the Radeon R7 branding may be somewhat confusing to some consumers, but that’s a relatively minor quibble. The Radeon R7 Series SSDs offer strong performance, a 4-year warranty (which is better than most other consumer-class solid state drives), and they are priced competitively. If you’re an AMD fan looking for a new SSD, the Radeon R7 Series is absolutely worth considering.

  • Very Good Performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • High Endurance
  • Long Warranty
  • Real Accessory Bundle
  • Faltered In PCMark 7
  • Trailed Some Drives In A Few Read Tests

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