AMD Radeon R7 265 Mainstream GPU Review

Batman: Arkham Origins Performance

Batman: Arkham Orgins is a prequel to 2011’s excellent Batman: Arkham City. This recently released prequel, however, lives up to and even surpasses its predecessor in many ways. The game has DirectX 9 and 11 rendering paths, with support for tessellation, multi-view soft shadows, and ambient occlusion. We tested in DX11 mode with all in-game graphical options set to their maximum values, at resolutions of 1920x1200 and 2560x1600.

Batman: Arkham Origins
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

Batman: Arkham Origins

The tides turned once again in Batman: Arkham Origins. The NVIDIA powered cards put up significantly better performance at both resolutions than their AMD-based counterparts, and as a result, the new Radeon R7 265 trails the GeForce GTX 650 Ti by a relatively wide margin here.

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In terms of frame times / frame pacing, the AMD-based cards suffered from a shot hiccup at the beginning of the test run, but generally speaking there are no issues to report here.

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