AMD Radeon R7 260: Affordable DX11 GPU

Sleeping Dogs Performance

Sleeping Dogs
DX11 Gaming Performance

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game in which you play the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Triads from the inside. In the game, you have to fight your way up in the organization and take part in various criminal activities without blowing your cover. We tested Sleeping Dogs at two resolutions, with all in-game graphical options set to their maximum values with FXAA enabled.

The Radeon R7 260 trailed the Radeon HD 7790 at the lower resolution in Sleeping Dogs, but actually pulled ahead with the resolution cranked up to 2560x1600. Of course, this card isn't designed to play modern games at resolutions that high, so the frame rate is relatively low.

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