AMD Radeon Pro Duo Preview: Dual Fiji Unleashed

AMD Radeon Pro Duo Performance

We are not going to dwell on these performance numbers because they were provide by AMD and we haven’t been able to independently test a Radeon Pro Duo on our own just yet. We do, however, believe many of you will be interested in seeing where the card should fall in terms of performance, so we’re presenting these AMD-provided benchmark results strictly as a rough guideline on performance expectations...

radeon duo perf slide

AMD is calling the Radeon Pro Duo “the world’s fastest graphics card”. And that should be true under the right conditions. Since the card is powered by dual GPUs, applications will have to be able to leverage both of the GPUs properly to achieve peak performance. As we’ve seen many times in the past, however, things don’t always scale or work properly on multi-GPU setups. In situations where the Radeon Pro Duo’s dual-GPUs aren’t fully leveraged, the card will perform like a single-GPU powered Radeon R9 Nano.

radeon duo liquid vr

radeon duo vr perf

In Steam’s VR benchmark, AMD is claiming the Radeon Pro Duo can pin the meter and achieve the maximum score of 11.

radeon duo blackmagic perf

radeon duo 3dsmax perf

In Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 12 and Autodesk 3DS MAX AMD is claiming big performance improvements thanks to the Radeon Pro Duo’s pair of GPUs.

radeon duo ashes

The Radeon Pro Duo reportedly outperforms a pair of GeForce GTX Titan X cards in SLI when running Ashes Of The Singularity in DX12 mode as well, thanks to the game’s built-in support for asynchronous shader technology.

radeon duo 4k perf

And with games that scale properly with CrossFire, AMD is claiming performance leadership at 4K as well.

We should reiterate, however, that these numbers were provided by AMD.

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