AMD Phenom II Hardcore Overclocking Event

Phenom II OC Results

After three days and 300 liters of used liquid nitrogen, what was the outcome?  The LHe setup used by K|ngp|n provided monstrous CPU overclocks and some of the highest benchmarks ever seen from an AMD-based system.


The combination of extreme cooling, handpicked high-end hardware, and some of the most talented overclockers in the game produced some excellent results. An AMD world record 6.89GHz CPU overclock was validated with all four cores enabled. Also, a new 3DMark06 world record was set at 37,339 with the processor running at 6.47GHz coupled to a pair of Radeon HD 4870 X2 video cards running in a Quad-CrossFireX configuration. Although the 7GHz milestone was not reached, the event was successful in many aspects. New records were achieved, but more importantly AMD got to showcase the Phenom II processor in some extreme overclocked conditions and everyone had a fun time while doing it.


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