AMD ATI FirePro V9800 Workstation Graphics Card

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SiSoft SANDRA 2010

SiSoft SANDRA 2010
GPU Number Crunching


SiSoft SANDRA is an information and diagnostic utility. It provides useful information about your hardware, software, and other installed devices. SANDRA gives you the ability to draw comparisons at both a high and low level. The SiSoftware GPGPU processing benchmark performs single- and double-precision floating point arithmetic on the GPU and the results are reported in pixels/s, i.e. how many pixels can be computed in 1 second.

The graphs above show Compute Shader processing performance along with the memory bandwidth performance associated with it. Compute Shader is a new programmable shader stage introduced with DirectX 11 that expands Direct3D beyond just graphics programming. Since both NVIDIA and ATI camps support it, we ran the test on every videocard we used in this article.

The FirePro V9800 dominates our GPGPU shader processing and memory bandwidth tests. Against the Quadro 6000, it shows an 87% performance advantage in compute shader processing and a 13% lead in memory bandwidth. Additionally, it is 7% faster than the V8800 in shader processing as well.

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