AMD A8-3870K Unlocked Llano Quad-Core APU Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: While running at its default CPU and GPU frequencies, the AMD A8-3870K Black Edition offered decent performance throughout our entire batter of benchmarks. It’s slightly higher CPU clocks allowed it to outpace the A8-3850 across the board and better complete with Intel’s Core i3-Series processors in terms of CPU performance. The A8-3870K’s GPU, however, offered much better performance than the Intel HD-Series graphics integrated into the Core i3-series.

With the A8-3870K Black Edition running at overclocked CPU / GPU frequencies of 3.5GHz / 800MHz, the APU offered performance much higher than stock. In fact, while overclocked, the A8-3870K was able to approach the performance level of an even higher clocked Phenom II X4 980, equipped with a discrete GPU. 

AMD A8-3870K Black Edition APU Packaging

The AMD A8-3870K Black Edition isn’t going the break any benchmark records, but after experimenting with the APU for a while, we really like it. The 3870K’s is currently selling for about $144 (and as of this writing includes a free copy of Dirt 3), which puts it right about on par with the Intel Core i3-2100T, which is available for about $135. The 3870K, however, offers better performance in highly threaded workloads and has a much better integrated GPU. Couple those things with the A8-3870K’s unlocked multipliers, and if you don’t mind doing a bit of overclocking (this is a Black Edition APU, after all), a fairly potent system can be easily assembled and tweaked to offer much better performance, that’s adept at both day-to-day desktop workloads and moderate gaming.

  • Low Power
  • Affordable
  • Dual-Graphics Support
  • Integrated DX11 GPU Core

  • General Compute Performance Below Intel
  • More Performance Available For Minimal Additional Investment

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