Alienware M11x Ultra-Light Gaming Notebook Review

Gaming and Battery Life

Next, we ran a trio of games on the Alienware M11x, using the system's native resolution of 1366x768 with all in-game quality options set to their maximum values. Anti-Aliasing (4x) was enabled in all three games, and in L4D2 and ET:QW 16x anisotropic filtering was enabled as well.

 Performance with L4D2, H.A.W.X., and ET:QW
Gaming Performance

In all three games, the M11x put up perfectly playable framerates. Lowering the anti-aliasing or in-game options would have resulted in even higher performance, but the GeForce GT 335M seems perfectly capable of maintaining playable framerate's at the M11x's native resolution with high quality options enabeld.

 Battery Life
Power Performance

The Alienware M11x offers excellent battery life, considering its relatively powerful internal components. Using the Intel IGP, we tested battery life at over 5 hours and with the discrete NVIDIA GPU we got over 3 hours. These tests were run using Battery Eater Pro's "Real World" option. We should also point out, however, that in actual use, we were able to get just a shade over 2 hours gaming on the M11x (on-line play with L4D2) and using it daily for just browsing the web, doing e-mail, etc. resulted in much longer than 5 hours, though it's tough to quantify and actual usage vs. idle time.

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